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Sweethome babies day care and nursery UPA/MLTV/06

Long term type HelpAWG
Project themeNorth-South solidarity
Project language(s)English,Other
Local language(s)English,Other
Durationmin 1 month; not available during holidays: May, mid-Aug to mid-Sep and Dec to early Feb.
Application infoThe Volunteer will get a decision within 5 working days upon receipt of application form.
Project descriptionSweet Home Babies day Care and Nursery was established with the main goal of nurturing the "whole child" in areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual developments. This is being done through these programs that have been established by the organization in view of the stated objectives: education program; talents program; foster family program; exclusive Christian-based Curriculum; promote and support education of vulnerable children. Aim: To prepare children to excel as young leaders of tomorrow.
Full descriptionDescription